Memo on Misc. Gory Horror Films

I’ve made it over the hill! The romantic comedy hill! The Notting Hill. Hugh Grant’s charm has worn off, for the most part. I’ve been waiting for something to bring me back to life, to strike inspiration, to move me. It turns out that horror movies hit the sweet spot. This week, I indulged myself withContinue reading “Memo on Misc. Gory Horror Films”

SJMOA Exhibits – Beta Space and Liquid City

I visit SJMOA on a quarterly basis and its diverse and thoughtful art collection never ceases to inspire me. Yesterday, I took a trip downtown and visited the museum to see its new exhibitions, Beta Space and Liquid City. I won’t be talking about Fragile Water, Darkened Mirror, or Your Mind, This Moment, but they’reContinue reading “SJMOA Exhibits – Beta Space and Liquid City”